Anti Siphon Device

1Will the TP Anti Siphon device fit my truck or earthmoving machine?

The TruckProtect Anti Siphon device fits virtually all modern makes of trucks and earthmoving machines. It is available in a range of sizes and models.

2Will the TP Anti Siphon device require me to get a new fuel cap?

You should be able to use your current cap. And if you lose that cap, you should replace it with a cheap non-locking cap. The Anti Siphon device offers you the protection you need.

3What is the TP Anti Siphon device made from?

It is manufactured from a single piece of aluminium. It is approximately 100mm in height and adds only an extra 25mm to the fuel tank's filler neck height.

4How do you fit the device?

The device's universal fitting goes over and into the existing fuel neck tank. Fits in 5 minutes with no piercing, no drilling, no glueing. It is fitted by a simple quarter turn and held secure by internal tamper proof grub screws. These screws are blocked off by the unique ring. Your tank neck will not be pierced and no fuel leakage can occur.

Hydraulic Immobiliser

1How does it work?

The Kaymac immobiliser disables the main hydraulic functions of the machine, transmission, boom actions etc, by diverting the oil flow back to the tank.

2How long does it take to fit?

The larger the machine the better access to components by the installer, so smaller machines may take a little longer. On average the Kaymac kit can be fitted in under 2 hours. Each kit comes with easy to follow illustrated instructions.

3Can the immobiliser be bypassed?

The system has been devised so as to prevent anyone other than the owner/installer, with the genuine pipe work to return the machine to original. Multiple fitting of the correct type are required, and a sound knowledge of the machine's hydraulic system is needed.

4What about the keys?

Two keys are issued with every device, however extra keys can be available when you purchase the Kaymac. The keys have been designed to prevent duplications, and each new batch of lock valves produced are accompanied by a number of new key combinations. Replacement keys are available but only with proof of purchase and personal identification. A secure database is kept and particulars of each sale is recorded.

5What machines will the Kaymac immobilise?

Kaymac valves will immobiliser a machine whos controls are pilot controlled. Cable or electric controls are not affected by this device.

6Does the Kaymac interfere with the on-board computers?

No. There is no appreciable drop or rise in hydraulic oil pressure, and therefore no adverse reactions are recorded.

7Will fitting a Kaymac Immobiliser affect by machine's warranty?

No, tests by the manufacturers have proven the Kaymac does nothing to alter the machine's functions when fitted.

8What warranty cover?

The Kaymac has a full 12 month warranty covering defective parts and materials.

9Why is this different to any other anti-theft device?

The Kaymac is totally hydraulic and is not affected by power shortages, vibrations, moisture or dust and dirt. It prevents the machine from being moved, thus preventing theft. The device carries an International Patent (pending) which proves it is unique and unlike any other device available today.

Vandal Guards

1How is the Vandal Guard attached to the machine?

A simple bracket is fitted to the roof of the machine. Each shield hangs from this bracket and the guards interlock together - either by snaplock or padlock. Each kit comes with easy to follow illustrated fitting instructions.

2How long will it take to fit a Vandal Guard?

The initial fitting of the Cab Guard takes approximately 2 hours on average. Once fitted the guards themselves take only a few minutes to remove or fit back on to the machine.

3Where does the Vandal Guard go when not in use?

Each Cab Guard comes with a lockable storage basket. In some models of machine this basket can be attached to the roof where the guard can be stored while the machine is in use or being transported. Otherwise the basket can be put aside until the machine is no longer in use and the guard is ready to fit.

4How heavy is the Vandal Guard?

On average a Cab Guard and basket weighs a total of approximately 40kgs.

5Can the Vandal Guard be used for different machines?

Cab Guards are not "one size fits all". Although Cab Guards can be transferred to machines of the same make and model.