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The best theft prevention method on the market today.

The Kaymac Immobiliser is designed to prevent theft and unauthorised use of your earthmoving machine. Many machines are left unattended and unprotected on the roadside, building site, forest and other remote areas leaving them vulnerable. Installing a Kaymac Immobiliser ensures your machine is secure in the best way possible.

How does it work?

The Kaymac Immobiliser is a simple valve that is installed between the oil tank and the pilot hydraulics. Once activated by turning the unique key, oil flow is diverted back to the tank disabling the main hydraulic functions of the machine, transmission, tracks, boom actions etc.

The Kaymac is totally hydraulic and not affected by power shortages, vibrations, moisture, dust or dirt. It stops the machine from being moved preventing theft, joy riding, or removal of expensive attachments. The device carries an International Patent (pending) and is unique and unlike any other device available today.

Fits All Models

Airman, Cat, Hitachi, Komatsu, Takeuchi, Volvo, Kubota, Yanmar, Case, Doosan, IHI, Nagano, Bobcat, Mustang + many more


  • Simple and safe
  • No ongoing costs
  • Permanent until you decide to remove it
  • Will last the life of the machine
  • Does not interfere with onboard computers
  • Fits all makes and sizes of machines
  • Cannot be bypassed or hotwired
  • Full 12 month warranty covering defective parts and materials


The Kaymac Immobiliser comes in kitset form and can be installed by the owner/operator, your own service department or your local hose doctor.

  • No specialised tools required
  • Easy to follow illustrated instructions
  • No electrical circuitry involved
  • No drilling or cutting necessary
  • Can be fitted in under 2 hours