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The Machine Security Co provides security solutions for earthmoving machines and road trucks. We are distributors of quality, cost effective anti-theft and anti-vandalism products that will prevent the theft of fuel, vandalism and theft of your heavy machinery and trucks, ensuring they are safe and secure.

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    We wanted to be proactive against potential vandalism and fuel theft where equipment is left unattended overnight and weekends,to avoid expensive repairs and downtime on our machines, we began the search for solutions.We found, at The Machine Security Company, a range of products that suited our requirements. All are easily installed, and provide peace of mind knowingthat machines locked up at night, will be in a condition to work again, when staff arrive in the morning.We use the Anti-Siphon devices to guard against any potential fuel theft and contamination, the Kaymac Hydraulic Immobilizers to disable the hydraulic systems to prevent joyriding and theft and Cab Guards to prevent costly window repairs and damage done by unauthorized entry into the cab.After the success of these items in our NZ based fleet we are now looking to use these products in our Australian operations.I would recommend the use of The Machine Security’s range of products to any operator looking to be proactive with the security of valuable assets.
    Graham Eaton
    NZ Mechanical Engineer
    Fulton Hogan NZ Ltd
  • newey-holdings
    We have always been a target for fuel theft from our trucks and the costs were mounting. Fitting the TP Anti-Siphon devices to our fleet have stopped this and proved to be a great cost saver.
    Keith Newey
    Newey Holdings
  • K transport
    Diesel thieves were getting into our secured yard through our new barbed wire fencing and siphoning diesel directly from the trucks fuel tanks. We trialled a couple of anti-siphon devices from The Machine Security Co and they have proved to be an excellent deterrent. We have ordered more.
    Noel Challis
    Kerepehi Transport Ltd.
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    The costs of replacement fuel, damage and downtime have always been a concern of mine. Fitting the TP Anti-Siphon devices to my machinery is another way of providing peace of mind to my business.
    Kevin Brashier
    KBL Earthmovers
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    Our machines are often the first on site and can be in isolated areas for long periods of time. We have experienced the frustrations of smashed windows, siphoned fuel and extensive damage to the interior of the machines, causing long periods of downtime and expensive repairs. The products we fitted from The Machine Security Co ticked all the boxes in ensuring our machines are safe, secure and ready to work at all times.
    Dion Wright
    Operations Manager
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    Losing fuel from three machines on one site was a good enough reason to fit the TP Anti-siphon devicese. It appears to have stopped the theft of fuel altogether. The cost of the device was cheaper than a tank of fuel.
    Greg Reid
    Fleet Manger
    Hick Bros Civil Construction